ageLOC Me is a first-of-its-kind, customized skin care

 It contains serums, day and night moisturizers brought together in one anti-aging system. Beyond its unique appeal, ageLOC Me features advanced Nu Skin science and a smart Skin Assessment. This is an online reservation tool and your pathway towards a personalized skin care regimen with about 2,000 product combinations, based on you, your skin concerns and your preferences. 

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power to be me. Each of us is uniquely individual with distinctive needs. It makes sense that we should be able to easily customize something that is completely personal. Imagine anti-aging skin care as individual as you are. Now it can be with state-of-the-art technology and breakthrough anti-aging formulations. Nu Skin has redefined skin care with ageLOC Me. This is anti-aging skin care like you’ve never seen, felt, or imagined. ageLOC Me creates an entirely new approach to customized anti-aging skin care. Brilliant yet simple to use, ageLOC Me delivers five powerful anti-aging products, in one streamlined, simplified regimen to you. With ageLOC Me, every day is a confident, beautiful skin day. TARGET CONSUMER Men and women concerned with preventing and minimizing the signs of aging and interested in the latest in skin care. KEY FEATURES • Customizable regimen—take the simple electronic ageLOC Me skin assessment to customize your product set based on your skin care needs and preferences, and then obtain your personal skin care code. • Smart delivery—several delivery options and 29 languages help you customize your experience. • Travel mode—take your products with you with this convenient feature and travel container(Sold separately.) • Continued customization—take the ageLOC Me skin assessment as often as you like. AGELOC ME SYSTEM BENEFITS • Features five powerful products in one smart, hygienic delivery device. • Makes sticking to your skin care routine easy and fun. • Customizes and simplifies your daily skin care routine, making it more convenient. • Provides a precise dose twice a day, every day. • Features five customizable product delivery modes, including semi-automatic, automatic, on-demand, travel, and single use mode. • Features remaining dose alerts so you know how much product you have left. You can also sign up for auto delivery to receive your refills—so you never have to go a day without. USAGE For optimal results, use ageLOC Me as your twice daily regimen. Morning and night, cleanse and tone, apply ageLOC Me Serum, and then either Day Moisturizer or Night Moistuizer. SYSTEM STEPS Step One—Take Your First Step Toward Customization Order your ageLOC Me Skin Care System online or from a distributor to start using ageLOC Me right away and take your first step toward customization. The system contains your Reference Set, your initial set of ageLOC Me products. Use these products for two weeks to experience how they feel and how they benefit your skin. Then, use them as a reference when you take your ageLOC Me skin assessment to further customize your regimen. Step Two—Tell Us About You fashion accessories lose fat body burn 30

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agelocme device